Bad Lungs

I’ve now gone through two days of treatment at an urgent care center for my severe lung congestion following a bout of pneumonia. I was diagnosed with that disease last December and have been trying to recover ever since. But now, thanks to the treatment and medication provided me several days ago, I am actually better.

In addition to pills and several different inhalants prescribed for me, the center had me inhale for two different fifteen-minute sessions from a machine that projected a mist into my lungs. I found the treatment—sitting there inhaling and doing nothing else—something of a trial, but it apparently did the trick. My breathing’s easier.

I have a long history of lung problems. I was a heavy smoker in my early years and came down with lung cancer. I underwent chemotherapy and radiology for the better part of a year to reduce the size of the tumor, then had the upper lobe of my right lung removed surgically. It took me close to a year to completely recover. But I’m a stubborn son-of-a-gun and refused to let a little thing like cancer stop me.

I was healthy as a horse until my pneumonia attack at the end of last year. I’ve now put up with the better part of five months of lung problems. But it looks like, at last, that I’m finally healing.

One thought on “Bad Lungs”

  1. I too had Pneumonia, plus the flu and Covid all in December like you Tom..Paired with my Asthma, I was almost a goner.. I am just now getting my strength back, still working on the stamina part…I felt for awhile my lungs were damaged beyond repair, but lately being outside in our wonderful Missouri sunshine, working in the yard , I am starting to take very good long deep breaths, in while I haven’t been able to do for a very long time.. So with God’s warm sunshine , the pure Missouri country air, paired with meds and puffers, I think maybe I will get to take at least one more trip around the sun !!!… 🌞 A horrible feeling, not being able to breathe ! Something so many of us have took for granted all of our lives.. Hang in there buddy. I’m praying for you.


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