As I look north from the back of my house across the pond surrounded by every variety of mature trees, green leaves are in abundance. It seems like only yesterday that the trees were bare, devoid of all leaves. Now all I see is green, green, green.

My guess is that we’ve had more rain than usual this year, although I can’t find any statistics to support that assumption. And I know that global warming has caused our winters to be shorter and warmer. But I don’t know any other way to explain the thickness of leaf growth everywhere. The pond itself, perhaps a hundred feet in diameter, is now mostly filled with water reeds. There are even saplings growing in what used to be solid water, and they, too, are covered with fresh green leaves. I used to have an open body of water behind my house. Then it became a field of reeds. Now it’s turning into a young forest.

I know that things change over time. God knows, I’ve seen plenty of change during my long life. But the transformation of the pond to tree field is happening so fast that it takes my beath away.

Soon I’ll be surrounded by thick forest. I guess that’s okay. I can think of worse fates.

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