Day of the Book at Kensington

I spent most of last Sunday selling and signing copies of my books at the Day of the Book at Kensington, Maryland. I always enjoy the opportunity to speak with my readers, and I’m particularly pleased to talk to people who approach my table to tell me that they bought a book the last time I was here and thoroughly enjoyed it. I usually sell the most copies of my most popular book, Last of the Annamese, but Sunday my novel The Trion Syndrome, about Post-Traumatic Stress Injury (PTSI), from which I suffer personally, sold more copies than Annamese.

I had on both sides of me authors who recognized me from previous book fairs, but I didn’t remember them—the older I get, the less reliable my memory. We didn’t have much time for chat because we were so busy talking to prospective customers.

It was a chilly day, and it rained toward the end. I found myself shivering in my light jacket—I had read a weather forecast that said it would be in the upper sixties and didn’t dress warmly—but that didn’t hinder me in my talk with readers.

As always, I had a good time. I take pleasure in meeting and talking to readers, actual or prospective, and nothing interests me more than my books.

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