As I have mentioned before in this blog, I go out of my way to maintain a healthy lifestyle. That means, among other things, that I don’t allow myself extra pounds and I lift weights every other day for a couple of hours.

But for the last year, I’ve run into a series of problems that prevented me from exercising. First, I had eye surgery to correct lazy lower eyelids. Then I came down with pneumonia. Next, I developed a severe cough in the aftermath of the pneumonia that prevents me from doing anything that makes me short of breath. The end result is that I’m not exercising. Even going for a walk makes me pant and cough.

And, blast it, for the first time within memory, I’ve developed a slight paunch. That amazes me because I watch my diet so carefully, stressing fruits and vegetables with almost no meat or fats. I do allow myself two homemade toll house cookies each day, one after each of my two daily meals. But other than that, sweets are verboten.

So as soon as I am able, when my cough finally goes away, I’ll resume working out. That includes, among other things, leg lifts and sit-ups, both of which develop stomach muscle.

Meanwhile, I’ll do the best I can to dress in ways that conceal my paunch.  

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