My Daily Washington Post

Every morning I look forward to reading the Washington Post which I subscribe to and is delivered to my house. I have been a Post subscriber for as long as I can remember, probably back to when I first moved to the Washington area when I was in the military and was assigned to the National Security Agency (NSA) in 1960.

The Post is one of America’s half dozen great newspapers. Its closest rival is the New York Times which is a great newspaper but lacks one feature in which the Post excels: comics. Every morning, as soon as my Post is delivered, I can’t wait to submerge myself in the daily news. Because I am an avid listener to National Public Radio, I am already familiar with most of the news stories being reported, so I concentrate my attention on the editorials and op-eds at the end of the first section of the paper. I have my preferred columnists and ones I dislike, so it is for me a feast of reading.

But my favorite part of the paper is the comics. I don’t allow myself to delve into them until I have digested the news and especially the opinion columns. Then I gorge on comic strips, reading each one carefully to absorb the full impact. My favorite is still “Peanuts.” Its author, Charles Schultz, died more than twenty years ago, so the daily strip is all reruns. I don’t recognize any of the strips as repeats, so my enjoyment is complete.

I look forward every morning to the arrival of my daily Post and devouring its news, op-eds, and comics. I have yet to be disappointed.

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