Marjorie Taylor Greene: Shameful

The Republicans, dragged down by Donald Trump, continue to shame themselves with dishonorable behavior. The worst recent example was Marjorie Taylor Greene’s despicable performance during President Biden’s State of the Union address a week ago Tuesday. Dressed to the nines in showy clothes, she interrupted Biden by shouting “Liar!” at him after he said that Republicans wanted to end entitlement programs like Social Security.

My sense is that the damage inflicted by Trump on his own Republican party is so great that the party, as we know it, will not survive. The GOP needs to renounce Trump in no uncertain terms but apparently is unwilling to do so. I expect that Republican defeat in 2024 will be more pronounced than it was in 2022.

If I’m correct that the GOP will fade from prominence, then the Democrats will eventually divide into two parties, probably representing the more progressive and the more moderate elements.

We’re headed for a whole new ballgame. The 2024 election will be the most important in years. I await it with impatience.

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