The Plaque

I’ve mentioned several times the plaque my 43 guys (my subordinates) gave me to thank me for saving their lives at the risk of my own during the fall of Saigon. A reader has asked what the plaque looks like. Here it is:

The title reads, “Last Man Out Award.” The text on it reads:

“The fall of Saigon will always remain a monumental tragedy in U.S. history. This is to finally recognize your exceptional leadership while safely evacuating all your DODPSECREP employees and the closing down shop amid the chaos and danger of those final days.”

It’s signed “The women and men and dependents of F46.” F46 was our unclassified designator.

That plaque and my Civilian Meritorious Medal that I received for the lives I saved during the fall of Saigon remain today my most precious possessions.

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