Biden’s Classified Document Scandal

Press reports over the last few days have told of improperly stored classified documents found last November and again this month in spaces belonging to President Biden. They were top secret and SCI—sensitive compartmented information—and dealt with Ukraine, Iran, and the United Kingdom.

This follows the quantities of classified material found at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago and outcries demanding that Trump be prosecuted.

I remind the reader that I spent thirty-five years in the government service handling classified material, including codeword, SCI, and special access. Had I taken even one document out of controlled areas for anything other than official business, I would have been arrested, prosecuted, convicted, and sentenced to prison. Why are Trump and now Biden above the law?

Ordinary citizens without clearances have no idea of the enormous damage that can be done by the revelation of national secrets to foreign governments. I think it’s high time that we review and tighten our rules and procedures for handling classified information and require that everyone, even the president of the United States, abide by them.

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