Demise of the GOP

The struggle by Kevin McCarthy to be elected by his colleagues as Speaker of the House of Representatives—he finally got there after fifteen, count them, fifteen, tries— exposes to the attention of all how far the Republican party has sunk, thanks largely to Donald Trump. The GOP traditionally favored limited government and lower taxes and always fought Democratic efforts to enlarge the scope of federal power. Now it is divided between those who still support Trump and those who silently ignore him. As I have written here several times, I think the Republican Party as we have known it is a thing of the past. And it is apparent to me that Democratic victories in the future will be major.

Further evidence of the forthcoming GOP downfall comes from the 2022 election. Normally, in a mid-term election, the party holding the White House loses ground with the opposition party gaining. That didn’t happen last year. The Democrats actually won the Senate, and in the House, Republicans ended up with 222 seats while the Democrats have 213—a tiny majority.

My best guess as to what will happen is that, as the GOP recedes, the Democrats will eventually divide into two parties representing the more progressive and the more moderate elements. Historians will write of this period as the time of the great debacle which very nearly destroyed American democracy.

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