Books and Presentations

In response to a request from a reader, I offer the following summary on my books and presentations:

I am the author of six published books. You can learn about them at  I do readings from all six books, though Last of the Annamese is the most popular.

Here are data about my presentations:

“The Forgotten Discipline: Fiction Craftsmanship,” a workshop with slides and handouts. Creativity is innate and can’t be learned, but craftsmanship can. Intended to help writers get published, the presentation focuses on the mechanics of fiction—formatting, copy editing, wording/structure, and dialogue.

“The Cassandra Effect: The Battle of Dak To,” a lecture with slides on my involvement in one of the largest battles of the Vietnam War. I was there on the ground collecting intelligence. I warned U.S. military commanders of the forthcoming attack and wasn’t believed.

 “Bitter Memories: The Fall of Saigon,” a lecture with slides, my most popular presentation, given more than seventy times. A speaker of Vietnamese, Chinese, and French, I spent thirteen years as a National Security Agency operative trundling between the U.S. and South Vietnam, working under cover with army and Marine combat units on the battlefield. I was caught in Saigon when it fell to the North Vietnamese and escaped under fire.

“Post-Traumatic Stress Injury: A Warrior’s Malady,” a discussion of injury to the soul suffered by combatants. My years of assisting forces on the battlefield plagued me with the mental disorder that results from witnessing death in combat. I discuss my efforts at coping.

I do all these presentations except “Fiction Craftsmanship” at no charge.                          

If you’d like me to speak at a gathering, email me at

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