Foggy New Year

Fog settled over the Columbia, Maryland region on New Year’s Eve and continued into New Year’s Day until the sunshine drove it away. Fog is rare here. It brought back sharp memories of growing up in the San Francisco Bay Area and of my college days at the University of California, Berkeley. When I was a child, we lived in the Oakland hills, and I could ride my bike to a spot where I could look across the bay to The City (as we called San Francisco). I remember as a child how glum I felt on days shrouded in fog so thick that I couldn’t even see down the hill to the end of our own back yard.

All those feelings came back on this New Year’s Eve as I looked north from the back of my house and couldn’t make out the far shore of the small lake behind me. As the day wore on, the sun dispelled the mist, and even though the temperatures rose to the low sixties, the day had a gaunt and wan look, without promise.

As my regular readers know, I am partial to weather so warm that others complain, thanks to my years serving in the tropics. I cleave to the sunshine and deplore the winter cold. To me, the epitome of gloom is a cold day with no sun.

And it is only January! Months of cold and darkness lie ahead. The only good thing about the winter months is that I write more because it’s too cold to spend time out of doors.

Small compensation.

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