On Wednesday, my son took me to a local medical facility to be examined for a strange physical condition I had developed, a severe cough and troubled breathing, but no other symptoms such as running a fever. After a thorough examination and chest x-ray, I was diagnosed as suffering from pneumonia. I was astonished. I had endured pneumonia two previous times in my life, both when I was suffering from exhaustion. But this time, except for a devastating cough, I was feeling fine.

I tried without success to learn from the internet more about pneumonia and how one contracts it. I’m at a total loss to understand how this came about.  

All that said, I decided that I’d better take care of myself. So I didn’t attend yesterday’s Men’s Forum meeting at the Senior Center, I cancelled a social visit this afternoon, and I’ll lay low for several days. I already have an appointment with my primary care physician for a regular checkup next Wednesday, so I don’t need to make any new appointments.

I certainly don’t want to come down with pneumonia again any time soon, so I’ll ask my doctor what I should do to protect myself. I’m still trying to figure out how this happened.

If any of my readers can enlighten me about the disease, please do.


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