Christmas Day

It’s here! It’s the day children all over the world wait for impatiently. And after plunging down to the single digits yesterday, the temperature is only 9 degrees as I write and is expected to remain below freezing all day today. But no snow. Once again, we have to do without a white Christmas.

Never mind. The day is magic either way. If you’re Christian and religious, you’re celebrating the birth of Jesus. If you’re not, you’re rejoicing in the best holiday of the year—a time when people overcome their hostilities, and brotherhood reigns supreme. And if you’re Jewish, you’re observing Hanukkah, the Festival of Lights, which this year began in the evening of Sunday, December 18, and ends tomorrow evening.

I’ll be spending Christmas Day alone. I’m content with that. I’ll play hymns and carols on my Steinway, listen to glorious music on the radio, play my favorite Christmas CDs. I’ll remember my happy years when my children were growing up and look forward to seeing them and their children during the coming week. I’ll probably spend some time reading, my favorite pastime, take a nap in the middle of the day, and enjoy sweets I wouldn’t usually allow myself.

Christmas has always been a magic day for me. I’ll enjoy it to the hilt. And I wish you, my readers, all the joy of Christmas. May this be your best Christmas ever!

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