Christmas Cards

The arrival of Christmas cards from friends and relatives invariably takes me by surprise. In previous years, I’ve sent none myself, and this year I only posted a half dozen. And that’s about the number I’ve received so far.

But one took me by surprise and particularly impressed me. It was from Joe and Jill Biden at the White House. It’s the only card of its type I’ve ever seen. It consists of a maroon folder the size of a normal card with “Happy Holidays” at the top and “2022” at the bottom written in shiny gold letters. The middle of the folder is filled with 28 perforations in the shape of stylized holly leaves and berries. Inside the folder is a single white card the size of the folder. At the top, printed in gold, is the presidential seal—an eagle holding arrows and an olive branch—surrounded by a circle stars. Beneath it, again written in gold and a script that looks like the one named Monsieur La Doulaise, are the words “May this holiday season bring us together in faith, hope, and love.” At the bottom left are a large and small gold pawprint labeled, respectively, “Commander” and “Willow.” At the bottom rights are two gold signatures, Joe and Jill. It is the most beautiful and imaginative card I have ever seen.

I am at a total loss to know why the White House sent me a Christmas card. And I feel uniquely honored.

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