Following my diatribe against Donald Trump, a reader asked if I could be fair and list the failings of President Joe Biden. I did a search for Biden’s transgressions but couldn’t find anything worth mentioning. His worst failure was the disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan. Instead of misdeeds, I came up with a list of his unheralded achievements while president. Here they are:

Securing millions of COVID-19 vaccinations (the most successful vaccine rollout in history), rejoining the Paris Climate Agreement, re-engaging in the World Health Organization, reversing Trump’s Muslim ban, introducing ground sweeping immigration reform, reopening Obamacare enrollment, ending Trump’s transgender military ban, unveiling the American Jobs Plan to create thousands of jobs, and sending stimulus checks to millions of hardworking families.

Part of the reason that Biden isn’t given more credit is that so much of his time and energy has been spent on repairing the damage that Trump did. My only real criticism of Biden is that he’s not as effective as I would like him to be in carrying out a superb agenda. He often misspeaks and lacks the charisma of, say, Reagan. On the other hand, it seems to me that the American public has failed to credit him for some of his substantial achievements, like his plan for vaccinating Americans against covid-19. I end up believing he has achieved an amazing amount but gets very little credit.

2 thoughts on “Biden”

  1. Tom, I love you as a dear friend, but you have tremendous blinders on. The number of mistakes that this Administration has made are numerous and you failed to mention only one.. the Afghanistan withdrawal which was an unmitigated disaster. You have not mentioned the absolutely ignorant decision on his first day in office to shut down the Keystone Pipeline and to tremendously restrict new gas and oil leases. This, not the Russian invasion of the Ukraine, is what started the price of gasoline skyrocketing. Furthermore, it is a long time tradition that the President in power gets the credit and the blame for things that happen during that administration. Inflation which has been ravishing lower income families when combined with exorbitant gasoline prices falls directly on Biden’s head. To say that gas prices are coming down and that is somehow better when they are still much higher than they were when this Administration took effect is disingenuous. Not to mention the Hunter Biden illegalities that have been occurring and the direct influence peddling by Hunter Biden with the knowledge and consent of his father. Even the mainstream news outlets have begun to pour over the hunter Biden laptop case and the numerous implications involved in this man’s actions. I could go on and on but for you to savage Trump (who by the way was the one who started the fast paced covid-19 immunization drive) and not lay a finger on Biden is unconscionable. This particular blog is the most disappointing one for me because with your intellect and your background in intelligence I would have expected a much more balanced and intelligent blog. Regards..


    1. As always, Ken, I’m grateful for your take. You were able to do what I wasn’t, to list Biden’s failings. No question that you and I don’t see eye to eye, but because you’re honest and bright, I learn from you. Thank you.


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