Why Is Trump Unassailable?

Donald Trump is known to have stolen 11,000 documents when he left the White House after his election defeat. That included some 100 that were classified, some as top secret. Press reports don’t specify, but I’m assuming some of those were codeword and SCI (sensitive compartmented information). During my long career dealing with classified material, I held clearances for access to all those categories. They included some of the most sensitive information whose revelation could have threatened the security of the U.S.

Trump also defied the U.S. Congress refusing to appear when subpoenaed. The time specified for his appearance before the January 6 Committee came and went.

I know very well that during my years of working classified material, had I absconded with even a single secret document, I would have been arrested, tried, convicted, and imprisoned forthwith. I don’t know what the penalty for failure to appear when subpoenaed is, but I assume it is similar.

And yet, Trump continues to go free. He is no longer president. He is a private citizen who stole classified documents and refuses a legal summons to appear. Why is he immune to arrest?

As a retired federal official, I demand that Trump be treated as any other citizen—arrested and tried for stealing documents and failing to appear when ordered.

Why is this man allowed to get away with what none of the rest of us could?   

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