One More Time: Vote!

At the cost of being deliberately reiterative, I remind everyone one more time: go vote! Never has it been more vital. We are at a crossroad in the U.S. If the MAGA Trump supporters win the election, our democracy is threatened. President Biden put it very well when he warned, “Make no mistake, democracy is on the ballot for all of us.”

A major symptom of the danger to democracy is the very large number of Americans who deny that President Biden legitimately won the 2020 election. A majority of Republican candidates are telling voters, without any basis in fact, that the 2020 election was stolen from Trump. At the beginning of the year, the Guardian reported “More than 40% in the US do not believe Biden legitimately won [the 2020] election.” The Washington Post in the lead editorial of yesterday’s edition reported that “a Post tally found nearly 300 election deniers running for major office in 48 of 50 states.” The front page lead article in today’s Post declares that tomorrow’s election is “a fresh test for American democracy” because “a majority of Trump supporters still believe his disproved claims of a rigged election.”

It’s worth repeating: the allegation that Biden didn’t win the election or won it by fraud is demonstrably false. And it discourages people from voting by suggesting that elections are illegitimate and don’t count.

So I beg, plead, urge, and demand: don’t be fooled. Get out there and vote!

2 thoughts on “One More Time: Vote!”

  1. Tom I agree with your assertion to get out and vote, but I disagree with you’re reasoning, or rather your lack of reasoning. Your thesis seem to be that because there are Americans who question the legitimacy of elections, our democracy is in peril and those people should be kept out of office, but for some reason you exclude Hillary, Stacy Abrems, and their followers who have made the same assertions.

    I read your blog a few years ago and got a sense of your ideology, and as usual, I didn’t see any reasoning to support that ideology. You seem to want us to vote for the people who support open boarders with all the undesirable drug runners, criminals, and terrorist who are among the hundred thousand known got away people the border patrol could not apprehend. You want us to vote for defunding the police, cashless bail, releasing known criminal without any prosecution, and the anarchy that follows those policies. You want us to vote for dismantling our energy sector, thereby crippling our economy in the name of saving the climate while the rest of the world continues to pollute as much as they like. You want us to buy oil from countries that hate us and transport that dirtier oil causing more carbon than if we could pump our own. You want us to vote for people who think the schools, not parents, should decide how our children should be educated.

    And, most of all, you want us to vote for the people who have politicized the DOJ and the FBI, created fake evidence and used it a kangaroo court to impeach a President. That’s your insurrection Tom. That’s taking power away from the people in favor of an authoritarian state. No thank you. I will be voting to try to preserve our democracy and get rid of the very people you seem to support.

    Stick to writing fiction. You don’t seem to have a clear view of the real world.


    1. Tom, I hope my message didn’t sound too harsh. I’ve enjoyed your books, and I appreciate and respect your insight on the Vietnam war, but politically we are far apart. I wish you, or one of my many friends who think the way you do, could explain to me how you can support the nonsense that comes out of the left.


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