Republican Vote Suppression

Because the Republicans, led by Donald Trump, are outnumbered by Democrats in the U.S., they are attempting to suppress votes in hopes of winning elections. The following is a list that regularly shows up on the internet of actions Republicans are taking to discourage people from voting:

—Making it a crime to give food and water to people in line to vote

—Making it harder to register to vote

—Allowing state officials to overrule local Democratic authorities

—Restricting vote by mail

—Reducing early voting opportunities in majority non-white communities

—Banning drive-through voting

—Banning ballot drop boxes

—Making it harder for people with disabilities to vote

These restrictions affect minority voters more than they do the general population. I have no doubt that it is the Republican intent. Where they are enforced, they do indeed reduce the number who vote. And Republicans have good reason to fear the outcome of a free election. According to multiple reports, two in three Americans view the Republican Party as a threat to the country largely because of abortion bans, political violence, and extremism.

Election day for this year is less than a month away: November 8, 2022. I urge all who are eligible to assure that they cast their vote. It is more important than ever that we make our voices heard.

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