Supporting Biden

In reaction to yesterday’s listing of the reasons I’m opposed to Donald Trump, I’d like to enumerate all my incentives for favoring Joe Biden. But it’s not that simple.

First of all, while I support Biden and the Democrats and oppose Trump and the Republicans, I, like so many Democrats, am a long way from satisfied with the performance of the president and his supporters since he took office in 2021. Democrats are historically disunified and undisciplined where the Republicans stand solidly together. I wanted the Democrats to unite and pass laws for the good of the country. Instead, they argued among themselves and made little progress. Then, finally, earlier this month, they came together to pass the Inflation Reduction Act. That measure will lower costs for families, combat the climate crisis, reduce the deficit, and, finally, ask the largest corporations to pay their fair share of taxes.

In fact, President Biden’s approval rating rose to 44 percent during the month of August in a new Gallup poll, up from just 31 percent in July, the Quinnipiac University poll found. The democrats have found a way to work together.

All that said, given Biden’s record of achievement, there is good reason to expect his popularity rating to be much higher. My guess is that many Democrats are disappointed that he has not achieved more. But look at what he has achieved in the face of the disaster left behind by Donald Trump:

—Rejoined the Paris Climate Agreement.

—Re-engaged in the World Health Organization.

—Reversed Trump’s Muslim Ban.

—Introduced sweeping immigration reform.

—Reopened Obamacare enrollment.

—Ended Trump’s Transgender Military Ban.

—Unveiled the American Jobs Plan to create thousands of jobs.

—Sent stimulus checks to millions of hardworking families.

—Launched the Build Back Better Plan.

—Reopened Obamacare enrollment.

—Provided working families with stimulus.

—Provided Free COVID-19 tests to every American.

—Ended the Trump administration’s Muslim ban.

—Granted Social Security Stimulus Checks to Seniors.

That is no small list of achievements, even though, granted, the purpose of some of it was to undo disasters created by Trump. Given the level of accomplishment, I wonder why we don’t give Biden more credit.

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