Awards Wall

I have devoted a wall in my dining room to the awards plaques I’ve been given. They celebrate my Who’s Who awards (both national and worldwide), my being named a top professional and a top artist, and the Top 100 Registry certificate of inclusion “for outstanding career achievement and leadership.” Fourth down from the top is the plaque I’m most proud of: the “Last Man Out Award” given to me by the 43 guys who worked for me in Saigon and their families. It thanks me for having risked my life to get all of them safely out of Saigon before the city fell to the North Vietnamese and I escaped under fire.

My thanks to my neighbor, Dustin Moraczewski, for the photograph.

2 thoughts on “Awards Wall”

  1. Can’t wait to see and read them all when we make our trip to Maryland this year Tom… What a wonderful honor !!


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