Vegetation and Foliage

I have no data that show a recent increase of precipitation in Columbia, Maryland, where I live, but the thickness of vegetation and foliage is greater than I ever remember. The ground between my house and pond behind (to the north of) my house, roughly twenty feet, is now so thick with plants that I have trouble walking through it. The profuse forest of trees around the pond is denser than I ever remember it being. The trees and bushes along the walks in front of and to the sides of my house are thicker than they have ever been, meaning I need to get out and trim them back so that they don’t block the way.

The richness of green around me heightens the sense that I live in a forest. The deck on the back of my house now gets almost no sunshine due to the thickness of the leaves in the trees surrounding it. I revel in the sense that I am one with nature.

The downside of all this beauty will come in the autumn and winter when the foliage will become dead leaves on the ground. Clearing the walkways will be a challenge. I’ve done it before, and I’ll do it again. But never before at this intensity.

Bolster up. Tough times ahead.

4 thoughts on “Vegetation and Foliage”

  1. Thanks, Dale. When I bought this house a couple of years ago, I made sure that I’d have little to no yard upkeep. As a result, the only places I have to clear of leaves are the walkways around my house. That doesn’t take much time or effort.


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