Impaired Vision

These days, I can only see out of one eye and not very well at that. I suffered in both eyes from a condition called Lower Lid Ectropion OU. That led to surgery on both eyes on June 6. My right eye will be bandaged, blocking my vision, until at least tomorrow when the doctor will decide if I can go without a bandage. I can’t see very well from the left eye, but at least it’s unobstructed.

The results have been profound for me, an author and book reviewer, who reads constantly. I discovered that I can see well enough to type, if I take it slow and easy. So I resumed my daily blog, although, granted, at a lower volume. But I’m limited in what I can write about. I usually depend on the Washington Post and the New York Times for data to review in my blog, but much of the time these days, I can’t read the small print in newspapers. Because I don’t watch television, all I have for a data source is National Public radio.

So I ask my readers to be patient with me. As far as I can tell, I’ll be able to read as well as I could before the onset of the ailment once I am completely cured. When I get back to normal, I’ll be as ornery as ever.

Meanwhile, forgive my shakiness. Better times lie ahead.

2 thoughts on “Impaired Vision”

  1. Tom, A friend of mine had very poor vision… Elderly but an avid reader, he had this machine. The best I can describe it , is there was like a 19 in. flat tv screen above. Then you lay your book or newspaper flat across the bottom of it, and voila !! Everything magnetized ! He used it for not only reading newspapers, but prescription bottles, etc. I wish I could be more help, but my friend has passed, or I could find out the name of it.. Hope this is helpful for you… Love your blogs !!… Keep up the good work !!!….


  2. So thoughtful of you, Pauletta. Thank you. I assume I won’t need any devices to help me read after I heal from the eye surgery. I had 20:20 vision before the onset of the malady. But at least I now know the device exists. Thank you again.


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