Republican Disasters (2)

Per yesterday’s promise, here are recent Republican misdeeds not initiated by Donald Trump:

—According to the Washington Post, more than a hundred GOP candidates who back Trump’s false election fraud claims have won primaries—Republican voters are buying the Big Lie for which there is no evidence.

—Republicans in Congress have used the filibuster to block every bill in Biden’s agenda.

—147 Republican lawmakers, including Ted Cruz, Josh Hawley, and Marjorie Taylor Greene, voted to overturn the 2020 election results.

—Republicans are pushing 425 voter suppression laws in 49 states.

—121 House Republicans and 7 Republican Senators helped Trump try to overthrow our democracy by voting against certifying Joe Biden’s presidential election victory.

—43 Republicans voted to acquit Trump of all charges in the Senate Impeachment Trial.

—Nearly every Republican in the Senate voted against forming a commission to investigate the January 6th insurrection.

—Republicans have sworn to impeach President Biden if they win Congress in 2022.

Because Republicans are greatly outnumbered by Democrats, the GOP is trying to win elections, as it has in the past, by making it more difficult for people to vote. Country-wide, they are using every voter-suppression tool available to them. As a result, polling experts are saying that the GOP is likely to win the House and Senate this year.

Polling evidence notwithstanding, I cannot believe that Americans will support a party which has allowed itself to become so obviously corrupt and openly antidemocratic as the GOP. My forecast is that the Democrats, for all their ineptitude, will win most of the local, county, state, and national contests.

Let’s talk again in November and see how things came out.

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