Republican Disasters

I find myself wondering how it is possible for any responsible American to be a Republican these days. The party, under the leadership of Donald Trump, has abandoned every principle associated with patriotic Americanism. Look what Trump, the acknowledged leader of the Republicans, has done:

— Encouraged Russian interference in our elections

—Threatened Ukraine to dig up dirt on his political opponents

—Cozied up to Kim Jung Un and other foreign adversaries

—Abandoned our closest allies

—Defunded the Post Office

—Proposed $30 billion in cuts to Social Security

—Caged migrant children at the border

—Attacked freedom of the press

—Tried (unsuccessfully) to building a racist border wall

—Incited the January 6th Capitol Insurrection

—Threatened state officials to rig the 2020 election

—Imposed a transgender military ban

—Denied the severity of COVID-19

And we’re learning about more misdeeds each time the Select Committee to Investigate the January 6th meets. That doesn’t include actions Republicans have taken on their own, aside from Trump’s leadership. I’ll list those offences tomorrow.

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