Who’s Who Honors

I reported in an earlier blog post that both the International Who’s Who (Strathmore) and the Who’s Who in America (Marquis) have this year included me among their honored luminaries. A reader asked what the organizations cited as justification for my inclusion. The International Who’s Who specified that I am to be “included as a lifetime member,” and that acceptance “is granted to individuals who have exemplified leadership and achievement in their occupation, industry or profession.” Who’s Who in America states that its Publications Board “certified that Tom Glenn, author, has hereby been approved as a subject of biographical record in Who’s Who in America, inclusion in which is limited to individuals who possess professional integrity, demonstrate outstanding achievement in their respective fields and have made innumerable contributions to society as a whole.”

Then, several days later, I have received in the mail a plaque naming me as “a top professional, an honor reserved for Marquis listees who have achieved career longevity and demonstrated unwavering excellence in their chosen fields.”

Needless to say, I am humbled and deeply honored by these tributes. Both Who’s Who organizations sent me a plaque displaying the citations quoted above. Both of the original plaques and the third one, the “top professional” plaque, now hang in an honored location in my dining room, right about the “Last Man Out Award” plaque that my guys gave me after the fall of Saigon.

After so many years of operating under cover, unacknowledged, and out of sight, I take great pride in displaying testimony of my achievements.

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