Gun Deaths

As a man who is all too familiar with the gross damage that guns can do to the human body, I have pleaded a number of times in the five years I’ve been blogging for the U.S. government to take action to reduce the number of guns in the hands of American citizens. We have 20 percent more guns than people in the U.S.

As I write, the press is full of reports of the most recent mass shooting on May 24. At least 21 people are dead, 19 innocent children and two adults, in a mass shooting perpetrated by an 18-year-old gunman at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas. According to the Gun Violence Archive, this latest mass shooting is the 215th to take place in 2022 and marks the deadliest school shooting since the 2012 Sandy Hook massacre.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, gun violence is now the leading cause of death for children and teens in the U.S. Guns have already killed more than 630 American children this year. And the year isn’t half over.

This is only the latest massacre. In the past ten years, we have witnessed mass shootings at the following locations:

—supermarkets in Buffalo, New York, and in Boulder, Colorado.

—a rail yard in San Jose, California

—a birthday party in Colorado Springs

—a convenience store in Springfield, Missouri.

—a synagogue in Pittsburgh.

—churches in Sutherland Springs, Texas, and in Charleston, South Carolina

—a Walmart in El Paso.

—a FedEx warehouse in Indianapolis.

—a music festival in Las Vegas.

—massage parlors in the Atlanta area.

—a Waffle House in Nashville.

—a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida, and

—a movie theater in Aurora, Colorado. 

More next time.

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