I feel that to be honest with my readers I must explain my position on abortion, an issue that is now in the headlines thanks to a leaked document from the Supreme Court that suggests that the court will rule against legalized abortion.

I must admit that the prospect of abortion chills me. To me, a fetus, no matter how young, is still a human being. I find killing it hard to justify or defend. So I end up with a personal choice to oppose abortion.

But I know that progressive liberals, with whom I agree on every other issue, are all but united in supporting a woman’s choice to end her pregnancy. Nor would I give more weight to my moral stance than I would to that of a woman choosing to end an unwanted gestation.

So I’ll keep my moral choice to myself. I won’t challenge the moral stance of fellow progressives or try to impose my values on women who choose to abort. I have too much respect and appreciation for others to challenge their ethical decisions.

I’ll keep my peace.

3 thoughts on “Abortion”

  1. I 💯 % agree with you Tom.. I feel that it is wrong, but should be up to the one who is carrying the baby.. Not an easy decision to make I’m sure, but still, only her decision matters. I drove a Special Ed. School bus for many years.. Most of the kids I took to and fro daily, were unwanted, unloved, finning for themselves from practically the time they could walk.. Many had Father’s in jail or Prison .. While yet another “uncle” was at the house with Mom,aking sure they got on the Schoolbus every morning so they would be rid of them.. Most of them still wearing the same clothes they had on 3 days before, and obviously been slept in.. Unshowered, not fed before leaving .. And so it goes.. On and on.. Just to show these kids a little love or kindness, just to pay any attention to them at all, or to bake homemade cookies and pass out to them, which they swallowed practically whole broke my heart daily.. Just taking them back home daily as I watched them walk away from the bus, knowing they were going back to there hell hole, tore my heart out, as I secretly prayed for each one of them..These little ones are the teenagers that grow into the adults, with the attitudes and hate in there hearts for society 💔 Out ” to get ” all the bullies, or teachers or anyone that done them wrong thru their lives.. Yes, I understand not all unwanted children, turn out this way.. But after 20 yrs. of Bus driving, I found it true, that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.. Just my opinion.. I will get off my soapbox now !


    1. Thanks so much, Pauletta. The children you described are very much like me when I was a child. My mother was an alcoholic, my father in prison. By the time I was six, I knew my survival was up to me. So I got part-time jobs, starting as a paperboy, to earn money so I wouldn’t go hungry. That made me very self-reliant which served me very well during my years in combat.


  2. Yes, I have read you story , Tom… Very interesting. When I meet you , I shall share mine….


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