Colonel Lou Schott Honored Again

WMAR Television (Baltimore), who recognized me in its “Voice for Veterans” series a few weeks ago (you can view it at has now done a segment on Marine Colonel Lou Schott (see it at

Colonel Schott and I are both members of American Legion Post 156, and I was privileged to attend his WMAR interview. While my currently declassified combat service on the battlefield was in Vietnam, Colonel Schott was a platoon leader at the Battle of Peleliu (September 15 to November 27, 1944) in the Mariana and Palau Islands of the western North Pacific Ocean. The clash was one of the toughest, bloodiest battles of World War II. After an injury and a promotion, Schott took command of a rifle company in the 1st Battalion, 5th Marines before moving on to other commands that led to his promotion to colonel.

I am privileged to be a combat brother to Colonel Schott. I am pleased and gratified to see him honored.

2 thoughts on “Colonel Lou Schott Honored Again”

  1. Tom, Thank you very much for the links to the coverage of your story and that of Col. Lou Schott. They were very inspiring and well done by WMAR.


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  2. Thank you, Mike. Colonel Schott has always been an inspiration to me, ever since we first met, many years ago. I’m honored that the colonel always remembers me and calls me by name.


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