How Fascism Begins

Those words are taken from a post by Robert Reich from a few days ago. His point was that U.S. democracy is under threat, and we’d better move fast to save it.

He’s right. The presidency of Donald Trump did more to uproot democracy and introduce autocracy than we have ever seen before. And to the degree that Republicans continue to support Trump, the freedom of our country is at risk.

How great is that degree? Fully 85 percent of Republicans now believe that Trump won the 2020 election; 35 percent of all Americans believe it—despite overwhelming and irrefutable evidence that Joe Biden won the election fair and square.

That’s the big lie Trump and the Republicans are peddling. It is comparable to the lies told by Hitler and Stalin in their day when preparing to take control. I wrote here some days ago about Republican “betrumping,” wall-to-wall lying and deception. I warned we should trust nothing the Republicans say.

But the danger we face is greater than that. Trump and his Republican supporters are threatening the very foundations of American freedom. If they succeed in dominating the country, our freedom is over.

Be very, very afraid and act accordingly.

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