Beauty Surrounding Me

I am the most fortunate man I know. I have a generous annuity, so I have no money worries. That means, among other things, that I have time to lift weights every other day for more than two hours, thereby keeping myself in the peak of health. And I can devote myself to writing. And, most important, I can afford to live in a beautiful place.

My house is in Columbia, Maryland, a city resplendent in its preserved forests and parks. The deck on the back of my house overlooks a magnificent pond surrounded by mature trees. Weather permitting, I spend as much time as possible on my deck surrounded by birds, squirrels, rabbits, and foxes living undisturbed by the humans close by.

I am an artist. My work is creating beauty through words. So I am more sensitive than most to the splendor that engulfs me. So much of my time is filled with awe.

I continue to marvel at my good fortune. I’m healthy and well-to-do and open to the magnificence all around me. What more could I ask?

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