Republicans Disgrace Themselves

Watching the Senate hearings on the nomination for the Supreme Court of Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson, I was shocked once again by the uncivilized behavior of Republican senators. They regularly treated Judge Jackson with contempt, distorted the facts shamelessly, and interrupted her while she was speaking. Judge Jackson, by contrast, was a model of politeness, her statements rational and reasoned.

And, as the New York Times pointed out, “Jackson’s Supreme Court confirmation hearing has turned into a case study of how disconnected from reality large parts of the Republican ecosystem have become.” The Republican senators’ criticism of Judge Jackson wasn’t even based on fact; it ranged from fantasy to deliberate misstatement.

My sense is, as I have said before in this blog, that the GOP’s days are numbered. Led by Donald Trump, it has so disgraced itself that, over time, fewer and fewer Americans will want to be associated with it. Because of the damage that it is doing to the U.S., its debacle will be welcome.

2 thoughts on “Republicans Disgrace Themselves”

  1. you seem to forget the Democrats scorning of Barrett and Kavanaugh, so it’s not just the Republicans,, the Democrats do their fair share


  2. The Democrats are not beyond reproach in their handling of Supreme Court nomination hearings, but the Republicans are far worse. They set new records for shamefulness.


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