Forthcoming Surgery

Next Tuesday, I’ll undergo surgery on my right eye for something called “Lower Lid Ectropion OU.”  In essence, the lower lid of my right eye is drooping. The surgeon will tighten it up by cutting out a portion of it and sewing it up so that it’s taut again.

I have no idea what caused the problem or how to avoid it in the future. Nor has the doctor told me how long I’ll be laid up or how soon I’ll be able to read and write again. So I have no way of knowing how long my blog posts will be interrupted. My guess—but it’s only a guess—is that my recuperation will be less than a week. Meanwhile, I’m in the middle of reading a book for review. That, too, will be delayed.

My sense is that I’d better get used to physical malfunctions. I’m getting on in years—I’ve already lived past my expected longevity—and the body is declining. But it’s also true that I am a model of health for a man my age. I lift weights for a couple of hours every other day, watch my diet (mostly vegetables and fruits), normally sleep ten hours each night, and drink plenty of water. And I’m determined to live to be a hundred.

So I’m inclined to see my eye problem as a temporary nuisance. If all goes according to plan, I should be back in the saddle within a week or so. Here’s hoping I’ll be able to resume posting this blog before the end of the month.

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