Wine (2)

I only eat two meals a day and have wine with both except once or twice a week when I have eggs with the first of the two meals. Normally, I drink only about a third of a glass of wine with my meal. I find that amount plenty to enjoy the wine fully without having wine left over at the end.

I have just discovered a wine called merlot, which, for some reason, I have ignored in the past. I am struck by its subtle flavor. Its “nose” or “bouquet” (that is, its aroma when smelled in the glass) is different from that of cabernet sauvignon and quite appealing. I look forward to a whole new wine adventure.

As I advance in age, more and more pleasures now illude me. For close to a decade, due to a botched knee replacement, I’ve been unable to run, which had been, for most of my life, a great pleasure for me. Trained as a musician, I have always loved music, but now deafness due to an old war wound constrains me. All my life, I have lifted weights, more because I thoroughly enjoyed it than because it was good for me. Now weight lifting has become more work than pleasure.

But wine? Still as lovely as ever. A source of continuing pleasure. I cherish my good fortune.

2 thoughts on “Wine (2)”

  1. German wine and Spanish wine are very good. When I go to the steak house for steak, I generally get Bordeaux wine I think you may like it as good as Merlot if not better


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