Volodymyr Zelensky

The more I see of Volodymyr Zelensky, the president of Ukraine, the more I admire him. A former actor and comedian with little to no former political experience, he has led Ukraine in its fight against the Russian invasion with raw courage and determination. He and his fellow countrymen have fought bravely against the poorly led and apathetic Russian soldiers, and the war has not been as swift and easy as the Russians expected. The Russians have admitted publicly that they have suffered almost 500 KIA so far.

Russian forces greatly outnumber the Ukrainians. The eventual conquest of Ukraine is all but certain. Vladimir Putin will soon rule Ukraine and replace its rulers with a stooge government under the complete control of Russia.

My expectation is that Zelensky will fight to the end. My guess is that he won’t survive. He’ll either be killed in combat, or the Russians will execute him. If he does avoid death, he will be imprisoned for life by the Russians in a penal institute so primitive that he won’t survive long. In the unlikely event that he stays alive and escapes the fall of Ukraine, he will lead the inevitable insurrection that the Ukrainians will subject the Russian conquerors to. It will take the form of a guerrilla war which will harry the oppressive Russians and give them no peace.

Russia’s invasion and ultimate conquest of Ukraine will go down in history as among the most heinous of Putin’s crimes. But all of us will know the story of Volodymyr Zelensky’s heroism. Let us honor him and his Ukrainian compatriots as they deserve.

6 thoughts on “Volodymyr Zelensky”

  1. Tom, I agree with your assessment of President Zelensky. But as others cheer him on, I find myself heavy-hearted, praying and admiring, but knowing where this is going. It reminds me of when the British occupied Ireland. There were so many acts of heroism by leaders like Michael Collins, but they ended up in the cemetery at a young age.

    What are your thoughts on the Russians setting fire to the nuclear plant? If this was intentional, it suggests a drastically heightened level of worry.


    1. Thanks for your comment, Rose. Like the invasion itself, the attack on the nuclear plant was dastardly and shameful. Putin has shown himself to be an unredeemable villain.


  2. There’s a story in the Bible that talks about a battle. On the good side, the side that God favored. there were few soldiers… On the other side, there were many, many, many soldiers. Long story short, the few soldiers that honored God, won. !!!


  3. And in the long term, Pauletta, I think that’s what will happen in Ukraine. Ultimately, Putin will be defeated. But that may take many years and unimaginable human suffering.


  4. The outcome I would like is for Zelensky and his cabinet to escape and then lead a shadow government of Ukraine, complete with help from western allies to support Ukrainian guerrilla operations. Hopefully, Russia’s occupation of Ukraine will turn out to be more painful for them than Afghanistan.


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