My Books (2)

Continuing from several days ago the story of my books and how they came to be: I discussed earlier the first three books, Friendly Casualties, No-Accounts, and The Trion Syndrome.

Next came Last of the Annamese. It was published in March 2017. I used this novel to confront my memories of the fall of Saigon from which I escaped under fire. Once again, the image of the boy-child recurs, as the protagonist, Chuck Griffin, a retired Marine, grieves over the loss of his son, killed in combat in Vietnam. He returns to Vietnam as a civilian intelligence analyst after the withdrawal of U.S. troops but before the North Vietnamese conquest and encounters Vietnamese boys whom he tries to save during the conflagration.

Secretocracy, published in March 2020, tells the story of a federal intelligence budgeteer persecuted by the Trump administration because he refuses to approve funds for an illegal operation. Coming to Terms, out in August 2020, is a new collection of short stories about people trying to work through the downturns in their lives.

So that’s the six books published so far. But I’m a long way from being finished. I’m currently working on two more novels. When they’ll see the light of day is open to question.

I knew at age six that I was born to write. Writing, in other words, was my vocation. I’ve worked hard to carry out the orders given to me by fate. And I’m not finished yet.

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