Trump’s Damage

As time goes on, the damage that Donald Trump inflicted on the U.S. becomes more apparent. His lying and deliberate sabotage of needed programs (e.g., DACA) reduced, perhaps permanently, the trust Americans have in their government. For the next several days, I want to review the losses due to Trump’s actions.

The most recent example is the Supreme Court. By loading the court with ultraconservative justices with questionable credentials, Trump has eroded the power of the court and made it the least effective of the three branches of government.

The Supreme Court has no power to enforce its judgments. It depends on the executive and legislative branches to carry out its rulings. To the degree that the court loses national credibility, reluctance to enforce its rulings grows. It is now weaker than at anytime I can recall.

Reformers of the court have spoken of possible solutions, including increasing the size of the court (so that the number of liberal justices will equal the number of conservatives), limiting the length of time that a justice may serve, and impeaching justices named by Trump. I claim no expertise in legal matters and cannot judge the worthiness of these proposed changes. That said, I call upon the Biden administration to move swiftly and decisively to restore the court’s credibility.

More next time.

4 thoughts on “Trump’s Damage”

  1. Tom,    Thanks for addressing the lying, deceit and destruction to American ideals perpetrated by Donald Trump’s 4 years in the White House. America elected a current-era P.T. Barnum. I’m 100% in agreement with you.    I certainly hope you don’t lose any of your loyal readers who have pulled the wool over their own eyes and believe Trump was a great president while failing to realize the institutions he was destroying. Mike Blemly

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  2. I would disagree that this is all the result of Trump’s actions. Without the wholehearted support of McConnel and others in the leadership of the Trumplican Party, the damage could have been much more limited. McConnel was the one that executed the theft of two Supreme Court seats among many other actions he took to support Trump in his destruction of our democracy. We must defeat many of them at the polls if we are to restore our government to the democracy we have enjoyed for the past two-plus centuries.


    1. Thanks, John. Good comment. I would argue that actions taken by Congress were to carry out Trump’s bidding. Another way to look at it is to attribute the damage to the Republican party under Trump’s leadership. That spreads the guilt.


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