My Birthday (3)

Continuing my dissertation on my eighty-fifth birthday: Despite my age, I’m very active. November has been an unusually busy month for me. The first half was filled with presentations (I did my fall of Saigon presentation twice), a parade, several gatherings of veterans to celebrate Veterans Day, a television interview (you can view it at, and related celebrations. The second half is filled with personal and family festivities. Three of my four children and their families came to visit last Saturday, and Tuesday, on my birthday, a friend and his family came to celebrate with me.

The end result is that November has been a time when my regular, every-other-day workout schedule was regularly interrupted. But I’ll get back to it starting today. Oddly, I have no plans for Thanksgiving Day or the day after. I can finally rest up and return to my routine.

So being old is irrelevant. I don’t have time to slow down. Too much to be done. And I’m enjoying every minute.

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