My Birthday (2)

In response to my post of yesterday about my birthday, several readers asked if I live alone and what kind of help I depend on. The answer is, yes, I live by myself and rely on no one but myself. I do my own grocery shopping, do my own cooking, and pay my own bills. I live in a medium-size split-level house which I take care of myself, cleaning as needed and doing my own laundry.

I bought this house several years ago because it is so well suited to the way I want and need to live. I have no lawn to care for. The only outside work is pruning overgrown bushes along the walkways several times a year. The beautiful grounds around the house are owned and managed by by the Columbia Association. Inside, cleaning is easy because the only person messing up the house is me. The biggest job I have is keeping my round, white marble dining room table orderly. It invariably gets strewn with newspapers, books, pads, pencils and pens, reading glasses, a wine glass, a bottle of wine, and bowls of popcorn, crackers, and nuts. When company is coming, I have to clear it all off and put everything away.

I spend most of my time in my office on the lowest floor of the split level. It is in the central room which runs the length of the house and is taken up with my u-shaped desk. I sit between the two sides of the desk with my computer on one side and a small writing slope podium (that is, a writing desk) on the other. The walls are covered with book shelves. I make little attempt to keep the clutter under control. I want everything within reach.

One of my favorite spots in the house is my upholstered reading chair close to the gas fireplace in my sun room, adjacent to the deck that runs most the length of the house looking north over a pond surrounded by trees. Since I read so much—partly because I am always reviewing books but also just for pleasure—that chair gets well used.

More next time.

More next time.

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