Marine Corps Birthday (2)

There’s a story about General Gray that I can’t verify, but it rings true. Asked why he never married, General Gray answered that if the Marine Corps had wanted him to have a wife, it would have issued him one. He did marry, late in his career, when it was appropriate for him as a senior officer to have a mate to help him entertain.

From General Gray and other Marines, I learned that a successful supervisor leads rather than manages. A leader uplifts and encourages subordinates to be the best that they can be, whereas a manager seeks to control them. The people working under my leadership achieved amazing results. I am still proud of them today.

More than one Marine I’ve known maintains that November 11 was chosen to celebrate Armistice Day (later changed to Veterans Day) to give Marines a holiday in which to recover from the celebratory drinking on November 10, the Marine Corps Birthday. A number of Marines I’m acquainted with have done precisely that.

So I have many reasons for fondness of the Marine Corps. As a result of my respect, I always capitalize “Marine.” And I celebrate their birthday. May they endure for another 246 years!

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