Republican Vote Suppression

Members of the GOP know they can’t win elections. They’re greatly outnumbered by Democrats. So rather than doing the honorable thing, shaping their policies to appeal to voters and selecting attractive candidates, they instead make voting more difficult for those opposed to them. They especially target Black and Brown voters.

One recent internet notice says it all: “Republicans have introduced 425+ Voter Suppression bills in 49 states this year.” All that makes me wonder how anyone with even a smidgeon of conscience can possibly support the Republicans who are doing all they can to obstruct our democracy.

The rest of us, whether we’re Democrats or independents, must do all we can to reverse this unprecedented attack on our voting rights. One way to do that is by voting despite all the roadblocks the Republicans have thrown in our path.

My sense, as reported here before, is that the Republicans, having slavishly followed Donald Trump, have dealt their party a fatal blow. If I’m right, the GOP will fade until it is no longer a force in U.S. politics. The 2022 elections will show us what direction we’re heading. As that happens, the Democrats will gradually develop into two factions. It’s already starting. The progressives are battling with the moderates over President Biden’s proposed bills.

I think the future is already here.

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