Pink Eye

I have come down with a malady I haven’t suffered since I was a child: pink eye. The proper name is conjunctivitis. It turns the eyes red and makes them swell and tear. It made me look especially bad for my interview yesterday morning with the television station WMAR (about which more anon). My primary care physician prescribed first one, then a different eye drop. My eyes are better but still look bad.

I believe I will just have to wait until the disease runs its course and I get better. I hope that’s soon, because I’m scheduled to do my presentation on the fall of Saigon twice in early November in celebration of Veterans Day. And I always go out of my way to look my best when I’m presenting.

But I guess I’m stuck for the time being with looking hideous. And the tearing makes reading more difficult. That’s a real problem because I have to read just about constantly, partly because I’m a writer, partly because I review books.

A minor difficulty but an annoying one. I’ll take all the sympathy I can get.

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