Vaccine Refusers

Some Americans are refusing to be vaccinated against covid-19. Among them are Republicans who believe that to be true to Donald Trump, they must claim, as he did, that the pandemic isn’t real and therefore oppose vaccination. Others are those who maintain that vaccine mandates violate their constitutional freedom of choice. Both arguments against vaccination are so obviously wrong and indefensible that I won’t waste time arguing against them.

Refusing vaccination is blatantly immoral. Vaccination not only protects the vaccinated against covid-19, it also protects those who come into contact with the vaccinated. Lest I harm others, therefore, I must be vaccinated.

Except for those who refuse vaccination for health reasons, I denounce the vaccination refusers. The U.S. has now suffered nearly 730,000 deaths from the pandemic. Any actions likely to increase that number deserve censure.

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