Friendly Casualties in Hardcopy

My first book of fiction, Friendly Casualties, a novel-in-stories, will soon be available in hardcopy.

Back when the Vietnam war was still a subject of disdain and dislike to the American public, I was unable to find a publisher for my books, so I put one of them on as an ebook. That was Friendly Casualties. I never advertised or promoted the book, so its sales were minimal to naught. That was in 2012.

Friendly Casualties uses a form I have never found in another writer’s book. The first half is a series of short stories; the second half is a novella in which the dilemmas of the characters in the first half are resolved. My expectation is that Friendly Casualties may well outsell my other books simply because of its unique structure.

Since sales of my work have been respectable, I offered Friendly Casualties to my current publisher, Adelaide Books of New York. They accepted the book, and it will be published in hardcopy in June 2022.

I invite my readers to let me know of their reaction to Friendly Casualties when it’s in print. Its introduction describes it well:

“This novel-in-stories results from the many years I spent in Vietnam during the war. Nearly all the characters are based on people I knew, many of them killed by the Vietnamese Communists. Most of the incidents described are drawn from real events or an amalgam of happenings. Even now, more than forty-seven years after the war’s end, I still hurt. And I’m one of the lucky ones.”

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