Books in Manchester, Maryland

I spent Saturday, October 2, participating in a yard sale/book signing in Manchester, Maryland, about an hour away from my home in Columbia. I manned a table with my books displayed, offering to sell and autograph for anyone interested. Innumerable people stopped by to learn more about my books and the wild life I have led that produced the experiences I have written about.

In six hours, I sold and autographed seven books, not bad for an event of this kind. More important, I talked to readers and learned of their interests. I was surprised to discover, as I always am, the number of very ordinary people who love to read. It is people like that who make my vocation as a writer worthwhile and even noble.

Over the years, I have become quite adept at public sales of my books, especially at outdoor flea markets. Kept in my car are a four-foot foldable table, a folding chair, a red tablecloth, a suitcase full of my books, the pen I use for autographing, business cards, and a clipboard with a sign-in sheet where people can leave me their names and emails so that I can include them in announcements of forthcoming readings and presentations.


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