Talking to Readers (2)

Saturday, I spent the entire day meeting and talking to readers of my books at the Fall Fest in Elkton, Maryland. I sat at a table outdoors on East Main Street displaying, selling, and autographing my books. It was a beautiful, clear day, and I even got a bit of a sunburn.

It was more than gratifying to me to converse with people who had read one of my books and were anxious to take on another. I lost count of the number of books I sold, but most were of my novel, Last of the Annamese, telling of the fall of Saigon and my escape under fire after the North Vietnamese were already in the streets of the city.

My interest is not in selling books. Writing is not a money-making proposition unless one writes a best-seller. But I care deeply about people reading my books. And nothing equals hearing the reaction of readers.

So Saturday was a day well spent. Let me express here my deep appreciation and gratitude to those who have expended the time and effort to read my writing. I am deeply grateful.

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