Covid-19 Deaths

I am increasingly concerned that Trump and his Republican supporters are costing lives by their refusal to support vaccinations and other protections against Covid-19. Trump continues to maintain that the pandemic is a fantasy and fails to urge his followers to defend themselves.

The numbers speak for themselves. According to the New York Times, unvaccinated people are dying of Covid-19 at eleven times the rate of vaccinated people. During the latest coronavirus wave, in July and August, at least 16,000 deaths could have been prevented if all states had vaccination rates as high as the state with the highest rate (Vermont). Further, Democrats are 59 percent more likely than Republicans to have been vaccinated. As a result of this partisan gap, undervaccination has allowed nearly 12,000 preventable deaths in red states during July and August, more than double the 4,800 in blue states.

When will all Americans wake up and recognize the Republicans for what they are and what they’re doing? How many people have to die before we come to our senses?

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