Upcoming Dental Surgery

On August 25, I’ll undergo a four-hour dental procedure to remove the remnants of two adjacent broken teeth and to implant a bridge. My only real concern is how long I’ll be unable to give presentations or do readings. I’m scheduled to offer my class on fiction craftsmanship at the Palette and the Page, a shop in Elkton, Maryland, on September 1. I trust that I’ll be in good shape by then.

The whole experience reminds me again of how absurdly healthy I am—I’m in better shape than any man I know in my age group. Some of that is pure luck, but most is because I go to lengths to maintain my health. I work out regularly and watch my diet to avoid becoming overweight. The downside is that I have had so little experience with surgery and recovery that I don’t know what to expect.

My expectation is that I’ll find a way to meet all my commitments. That said, I have to admit that this is all new to me. I have always been able to rely on myself to muddle through anything that comes along. We’ll see how I fare this time. I’ll let you know.

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