Republicans Deny Global Warming

Donald Trump refuses to accept the threat of global warming. He maintains that climate change is a “concept created by the Chinese” to make “U.S. manufacturing non-competitive.” Loyal Republicans are following his lead. While 87 percent of liberal Democrats say that dealing with global climate change should be a top priority for the president and Congress, only 21% of Republicans and GOP-leaning independents say so.

Meanwhile, the earth is being devastated. Sea levels are rising. Mountain glaciers are shrinking. Ice is melting at a faster rate than usual in Greenland, Antarctica and the Arctic. Unprecedented floods in China and Europe, record-setting heat and fires in Canada and the Pacific Northwest of the U.S., and similar catastrophes in Africa and South America all point to global warming’s damage and the urgent need to act before it is too late. But the Republicans say we are imagining the problem.

And this isn’t the first threat to our planet that the Republicans have dismissed. Following Trump’s lead, they poo-pooed the covid-19 threat and refused to be vaccinated. As a result, more Republicans than Democrats have fallen ill.

And, according to the Chicago Sun-Times, 70 percent of Republicans still insist that Trump won the 2020 presidential election.

With more and more scandals from the Trump presidency being revealed daily, I am mystified that the Republicans still allow themselves to be subservient to him. And the damage they are doing to their country and democracy grows daily.

What will it take to free them from Trump?

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