The Four Guys

Several days ago, I invited three friends to visit me for snacks and conversation to celebrate the end of the pandemic lockdown. We spent the afternoon on my deck talking about every subject that occurred to us. Two of us are progressives, two conservatives. But I, about as progressive as you can get, listened carefully to my two conservative friends explain their positions. They are intelligent, articulate, and honest. I always learn from them.

During the more than a year of the pandemic, I stayed isolated. Given my age and history of lung cancer, I was an obvious target for the coronavirus. So I saw no one. Once every week to ten days, I went grocery shopping, masked and keeping a six-foot distance from all others. I was one of the first to be vaccinated. Insulation kept me alive.

The Men’s Forum at a local senior center is about to resume its weekly meetings. My American Legion post has started meeting again once a month. So soon I’ll again have regular contact with others. What a blessing that will be. And I suspect that us four guys will continue to meet regularly.

The pandemic lockdown is ending. Hurray.

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