My Books—Again

I have talked several times in this blog about my six books, all novels or short story collections. But a new development raised the subject again. I checked out the local authors’ listing at The Palette and the Page and discovered that all five of my hardcopy books (one book, Friendly Casualties, is an ebook only available at are listed.

The Palette and the Page is a combination book shop and gift store at 120 East Main Street in Elkton, Maryland. It is my favorite place to buy books.

That discovery spiked my pride in my achievements as an author. I retired from the government (I had been a linguist and a spy) as early as I could to write full time. Because I had spent the better part of thirteen years in Vietnam and spoke the three languages of Vietnam (Vietnamese, Chinese, and French) and because my work in later years was (and still is) classified, most of my writing is about Vietnam.

But the Vietnam conflict was exceedingly unpopular. Most Americans believed we never should have gone to war there. Our final defeat and withdrawal in 1975 were shameful. So for a number of years, my books didn’t sell. People didn’t want to know what happened in Vietnam. Then, half a dozen years ago, that attitude began to change. A new generation of Americans knew little about the Vietnam war and was curious. My books began to sell, and I was invited to do readings and presentations.

Now that the pandemic lockdown is coming to an end, I’m being invited to speak publicly again. Sale of my books will increase, and people will again want to know my story. Life won’t return to normal—the old normal is gone forever. But I’m ready to return to being with people in person again.

You can see my six books displayed at

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